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¼ Zip Rework Pants #5 (30/32)
¼ Zip Rework Pants #5 (30/32)
¼ Zip Rework Pants #5 (30/32)
¼ Zip Rework Pants #5 (30/32)

¼ Zip Rework Pants #5 (30/32)

  • Reworked from curated classic fit vintage work pants
  • Quarter Zip (6" Zipper) at the outside hem of each pant
  • 14 Hand Drawn Graphics Sustainably Printed 
  • This item is 1 of 1, numbered for authenticity
  • Black
  • Size: 30/32
  • Waist: 32"
  • Inseam: 32"


For the longevity of this garment, we recommend the following:

  • wash cold, inside out
  • hang to dry
  • iron inside out

Product Story

This 1-of-1 piece was sourced, designed, and reworked by our creative director, and designer Stacey Lee. 

“The 6" zippers on the outside hem of both pant legs, give the piece more flexibility on how you can style and present the silhouette,” says TIYBOP designer and co-founder Stacey Lee.

Our reworked work pants are upcycled from vintage classic men’s work pants. These pants contain twelve different prints on the front and back. We intentionally chose to use workwear in this collection for its durability and classic cuts. Historically workwear has been, and will continue to be, a timeless wardrobe staple.  

From seed to finished garment, the production of a single pair of work pants demands an estimated 1,000 liters of water. By repurposing vintage materials for this specific garment, we've effectively conserved valuable resources in the process.

Revolutionizing textile printing, we've abandoned the environmentally taxing norms of excessive water usage and toxic runoff. Our meticulous research led us to an innovative, eco-friendly printing method that demands minimal water and no cleaning supplies, boasting both sustainability and durability. Utilizing recyclable transfer sheets and water-based, non-toxic inks, our prints embody our commitment to a cleaner future, while local recycling ensures all waste and scraps contribute to a greener world.


(pictured above, sourcing second-hand work pants in Toronto)


These vintage pants have been curated for excellent quality and cleaned meticulously, however, some may have imperfections and small marks that add to the character and rich history of each piece.


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