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We almost went live with this on April 1st, but this is NO JOKE, so we waited a couple days.
     We wanted to bring you into our creative process a little more and share what's inspiring us lately - so here's a slightly curated compilation of everything that's getting our creative juices flowing lately - music, art, fashion, pros...
Gatekeeping is way less fun than sharing. I'm always saving images that spark something in me. Click here for a few of my favourites that I've saved to my personal library (pinterest) recently. 
We curated a playlist of songs we've got on repeat at the moment.

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“You're a ghost driving a meat-coated skeleton made from stardust, riding a rock, hurtling through space. Fear Nothing.”  - love this quote, apparently the original source/author for this quote is up for debate.



Click to link to our Google form where you can anonymously answer our monthly "Communal Question". We'd love to share some anonymous answers in future monthly "FEELS" emails in an effort for people to find common ground about the little things we don't often get to talk about with strangers. 🤝💌
A few housekeeping updates from THE TIYBOP ARTHOUSE:
Thank you to everyone who pre-saved SPIRITSAVER’s “Deeper Than” The campaign helped us have our biggest single release to date. We earned "cover artist" features on Pandora's Future Soul playlist and Spotify's Fresh Finds playlist. In addition, "Deeper Than" earned 25 editorial DSP playlist placements across Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Audiomack, Soundcloud & YouTube. As a completely independent record label, these accolades are usually reserved for major labels.
Shoutout to everyone who got a “Generational Healing Tee” The drop sold out in like 45 mins!! ❤️🤯
The music video for SPIRITSAVER’S “Deeper Than” drops this Friday, April 5th! We are just finishing up the edit and color as we type this. In the meantime peep the vlog we dropped last night to see some of the madness that we overcame. 
New clothes are on the way!!!
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    Have a great day!
    ps. this is the funniest video I've seen on the internet this year, watch sitting down and with an empty mouth, trust me. 

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