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  • SPIRITSAVER Logo printed over existing graphic
  • Reworked from curated vintage trucker hats
  • This item is 1-of-1
  • Adjustable snapback standard trucker hat.

    Product Story

    This 1-of-1 piece was sourced, designed, and reworked in collaboration between SPIRITSAVER and our creative director, and designer Stacey Lee. Notably, SPIRITSAVER is the first artist project signed by our art house, THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON PLANTS.

    Showcasing a fusion of vintage aesthetics and modern flair, these snapbacks capture the essence of SPIRITSAVER's unique style. Each hat has been thoughtfully curated from vintage hats, reimagined, and features the duo's logo, sustainably printed over existing vintage graphics, for a unique, 1-of-1, experience.

    Please remember these are vintage hats and some of the hats in this collection are 30-40 years old. The hats have been cleaned meticulously, however, some may have imperfections and small marks that add to the character and rich history of each piece.

    From seed to finished garment, the production of a single trucker-style snapback hat demands an estimated 100 liters of water. This estimation considers the cultivation of cotton for the front panel, production of polyester mesh, dyeing processes, and general assembly. By repurposing vintage materials for this specific garment, we've effectively conserved valuable resources in the process.

    Revolutionizing textile printing, we've abandoned the environmentally taxing norms of excessive water usage and toxic runoff. Our meticulous research led us to an innovative, eco-friendly printing method that demands minimal water and no cleaning supplies, boasting both sustainability and durability. Utilizing recyclable transfer sheets and water-based, non-toxic inks, our prints embody our commitment to a cleaner future, while local recycling ensures all waste and scraps contribute to a greener world.


    (pictured above, SPIRITSAVER's Zale printing the hats)


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